Tuesday, 25 September 2012

I'm Intolerant to Raspberries?!

Three weeks ago, I decided to order a home test, food intolerance kit. After taking a blood sample, it took around two weeks for the results to be delivered to my door. Turns out I'm intolerant to: cow's milk, egg whites, raspberry, barley, corn (maize), gluten, rice, wheat, peanut, bean (red kidney), pea, potato, soya bean, brewers yeast, durum wheat and cashew nut. Oh and dust...Just kidding.

Over the last few years, I've felt unwell after eating certain foods but have not been able to put my finger on what ingredients triggered this feeling. Finally, I had enough and wanted to find out exactly what the root cause was for this discomfort. During the next three months, I will be completely eliminating the above food types. The aim of this blog is to have a dialogue running throughout this process, to share my experience with anyone in a similar situation and to discuss the new recipes/ingredients I come across whilst going through the process of elimination. 

Oh how I'm going to miss you chocolate mousse with whipped cream, chocolate straws and lashings of tea.

The good news is, I can get a range of gluten free chocolates or 85% dark chocolate. Perhaps there will be a dark chocolate mousse to emerge from this blog. As today is the first day of my food elimination diet, my food choices have been quite cautious. I started the day with a large fruit salad. Then for lunch, it was a cous cous and hot chicken salad with carrots, peas, sun-dried tomatoes and sweet chilli sauce. Already today, I've made two mistakes: peas and cous cous (unless a wheat free version) cannot be eaten. All part of the learning process. For dinner, we're planning to cook some steaks with a green salad and maybe some roasted veggies. 

I'm planning many dinners with meat or fish as the main focus, accompanied with vegetables and salads. This may get boring after a few days, so I'm very open to finding alternatives such as gluten free pasta with an appropriate sauce and home made soups. With a little research, this list will hopefully greatly expand. Until next time, feel free to comment with any suggestions and thanks for listening to my foody ramblings.

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