Friday, 16 November 2012

Make Pizza Not War

This week I purchased gluten free pizza bases. They were relatively expensive at around 4.60 for a pack of two, so I was hoping that they would offer a very good alternative and thankfully was not disappointed. On the pizza base I placed strained tomato sauce, around half a 400ml pack was enough to cover the two bases. I had briefly fried a large white onion, half a black pudding and a packet of bacon cut into small pieces. These were all placed on top of the tomato sauce base, along with french goats cheese and some sliced tomato. This was the pizzas before being placed in the oven:

They were cooked for 15 minutes at 220 degrees on grease proof paper and came out looking like this: 

There was a bit of mess from the goats cheese melting, but overall this was an incredibly easy meal to make. The combination of toppings, although a little unusual, were very tasty. I plan to make another gluten free pizza using a different combination of toppings, personally I love chicken and sweetcorn pizzas. The beauty with this dinner option is you can add whatever you find appealing. A friend has suggested that I attempt to make gluten free pizza bases, having never done home-made pizzas, this will take some research and time but it's certainly something I would like to attempt. 

In the past week, I've started looking up online gardening resources for amateur enthusiasts. I came across a really interesting blog, which gives invaluable tips for those interested in getting started, Gardening 101: 5 Gardening Basics for Beginners. I particularly liked the section that discusses how to prepare your soil and the section that advises what plants you can grow depending on how much sunlight is available. 

I also found a dedicated Irish resource called: Grow It Yourself Ireland. This website has a huge amount of material available for growing your gardening knowledge. They advise you what fruits and vegetables can be planted/tended to during each month of the year. This information is particularly helpful as it is written from the perspective of the Irish weather/seasons. My next focus will be on researching poly-tunnels and greenhouses, so stay tuned for more gardening ideas. I hope you have a healthy, fun-filled weekend, until next time:

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