Friday, 9 November 2012

You Don't Make Friends with Salad

This week has been fairly un-adventurous in terms of food choices mainly due to how busy it's been. So I've stuck to fruit salads, green salads and wraps during the day and have fallen back on tried and  tested dinner options at night. Time constraints have hindered me from forming a developed food plan which has also led to some ill advised choices, such as a rushed croissant or a sneaky biscuit. I'm reminded again that a weekly food plan is essential to an effective food shop and clever daily choices. 

During the week, I met with my friend Stephanie for a catch-up lunch. We ate at Fresco, the cafe on the ground-floor of the Glucksman Gallery in UCC. I ordered a Thai Beef Salad which comprised of warm beef, potato pieces, rocket, mango and sweet chilli sauce. It was packed full of taste and apart from the potato pieces, was an excellent option for me. I've never really found salads appealing as a dinner/lunch option in their own right. I've often felt hungry within an hour or two of eating them. The Beef Salad defied this ideal, keeping me full throughout the entire day. I would like to learn more about salads that can act as a full meal. Another goal is to get to a point where I can make a conscientious decision of what to eat whilst on the go. This will develop as my knowledge of food increases and when I am able to re-introduce some of the eliminated food options into my diet.

Since I started this process, I've become increasingly aware of the benefits of growing your own fruits, vegetables and herbs. I'm starting to realise why people go nuts for gardening, there must be a real pleasure derived from planting and growing your own ingredients. It is vital to eat these types of food, so why not grow your own? As this blog continues, I'd like to develop my knowledge and thoughts surrounding gardening, expect to see this creeping in as the week's progress. And on a lighter note...

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